Going Backwards

Things haven’t been that great this week. I’ve been drafting a blog post for 8 days now but I can’t seem to be able to get the dark whirring from my head to the paper. I hit a real low by Friday morning. Therapy was a disaster as I could feel myself recoiling back into my depression shell. Physio wasn’t much better as the ruptured ligaments hurt like crazy (not helped by the fact my Physio is up 6 flights of stairs with no working lift).


If, on Friday morning, someone would have offered me money for my IAAF World Athletic tickets, I’d have sold them. Thankfully, no one did and Friend GG and I went. There is a funny story to go along with it. I’ll update you soon. Friday night helped tease me out of the depression shell again but by Saturday night, the tentacles had wrapped their suckers back around my brain and I was making some silly decisions at 0200.


All in all, I feel very lost, very confused and very frustrated. Proper blog posts will resume shortly once I can work out what the emotion is that I am avoiding. It’s always an emotion, it’s just hard to work out which one. Maybe I need the characters of Inside Out to enter my brain and do the sorting out for me?


Go Mo, Go!


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