Lost My Way?

I feel like the blog may have lost its way a little. It started as an outlet whilst I was inpatient and then out-patient at hospital, then it morphed into a ‘how to cope with the outside world’ diary but now it feels a bit random. I also feel I’ve lost my sarcasm but maybe that’s because the better you get, the less dark humour you find in the world? I hope not as I think my sarcasm was one of the last/ few things still going for me!


I want to keep the blog going but I’m not entirely sure which direction to take it in. To help hone my thoughts, I’m going to write a list about things I care about. A list is nice and orderly and hopefully this will help shape some future posts. It’s me though, so excuse random off shoots/ diversions or general weirdness along the way.


Things I am madly passionate about:

  1. My cats – that was too easy
  2. My family & friends and in return, being a good friend, family member and all round ok person
  3. Ending the distinction between mental & physical health… you don’t say ‘I’m physically unwell’ so why should people say ‘I’m mentally unwell’?
  4. Starting & encouraging conversations around ALL health
  5. Helping those who don’t understand, start to understand
  6. Dispel the myths that surround all aspects of mental (sorry, couldn’t think of a way of putting this without that word) health including medication
  7. Help people feel less alone – you really aren’t alone, others have felt, thought and done all the things you are worried make you different
  8. Being funny (although sometimes I try way to hard at this)
  9. Reading
  10. My cats – I have two… it seemed only right that they should have a second entry (and it neatly takes my list to 10 which is an acceptable number for a list)


These 10 (ahem) items are going to be my starting block but I am open to suggestions, Q&A’s, comments (unless it’s about my cats… I won’t take bad comments lightly if it’s about them!) and general input.


Just in case you were lacking cat pictures in your life, here are my fur babies


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